5 Meal Delivery Services That Make Healthy Eating Easy

Meal Delivery Services That Make Healthy Eating Easy

What’s for dinner? This question can cause anxiety and stress. Although each week may start with positive intentions and a prepared lunch or dinner, creativity and motivation are slipping away by Wednesday. You’ll find yourself eating stir fries, eggs in many forms, and by Friday you will be ordering takeout or beans on bread.

Even those who have the ability and desire to cook home-cooked meals can’t find enough time to plan, shop and even prepare healthy recipes.

Companies are now offering solutions to our modern dilemma. They offer meal subscriptions that include everything, from providing you with every ingredient you need to cook delicious, interesting meals to providing you with a full fridge of nutritious dishes that are ready to eat.

Healthy meals are available just one click away, whether you’re vegetarian, Paleo or looking to bulk up or slim down.

  1. DropChef

DropChef is billed as “the smartest way of cooking a healthy meal”. It provides nutritionally balanced meals pre-measured so that you can follow a simple step-by-step process and then cook.

DropChef was founded by Ryan Scott, Roman Grogan, and Sam O’Byrne during their time at DCU. It promises that you’ll be able to have dinner ready in just 30 minutes. Choose the plan that you would like to use. You can choose from a One Person, Two Person Plan, or Family Plan. Each week, you will choose three dishes from a weekly menu. The flexible subscription allows you to cancel at any time and put your account on hold.

Your healthy home cooked meal will no doubt be served with an intangible sense of accomplishment, and what’s more DropChef’s Cook-One-Feed-One(tm) program means that for every meal you cook with DropChef, they’ll donate one meal to a child in need.

These nutrient-packed meals are made from seasonal, Irish produce and 100% Irish beef. They come in the right quantities for the number you are cooking for so there is no waste.

All deliveries to Dublin are made on Sundays. Office deliveries are made Mondays. Customers receive deliveries from outside Dublin on Tuesdays.

  1. Pure Kitchen

Delicious, healthy meals without dairy, gluten, wheat, or added sugars.

John Mac Govern, a former accountant, established The Pure Kitchen to share his dairy-free and gluten-free recipe experiments after he completed a stint at Ballymaloe Cookery School. The Pure Kitchen’s distinctively designed website has won praise. You can choose your meals or select from a pre-made set of meals. The Pure Kitchen even offers a “new parent pack”, which includes a variety of soups, meals, and salads to welcome new parents home.

It’s all in the tagline, “nothing added, nothing processed…just pure foods.” Pure Kitchen meals use fresh, local ingredients whenever possible.

Donnybrook offers both pickup and delivery to Dublin only. Orders made fresh when ordered by 9 a.m. for same-day delivery to Dublin City Centre or South County Dublin. On Tuesdays, North and West Dublin will be delivered on Tuesdays.

  1. GourmetFuel

One-stop shop for assessment, advice, food, and training. This will help people achieve their goals, whether they are weight loss, muscle gain or training for an event, rehabilitation, etc.

GourmetFuel brings together a nutrition expert, a fitness guru and an ex-Avoca head chef to make healthy eating simple. You can choose individual meals from a range of 200 kCal snacks up to 900 Cal XL meals, or you can buy multipack meals. Or, subscribe to a 1-, 4 or 8-week meal plan that is tailored to your specific needs, such as weight loss or muscle building. You can also find snacks and meals in select SuperValu stores.

Visitors to their website can use the online diet tool for free. Simply enter your basic information and it will calculate your Total Day Energy Requirement (TDER). This helps you to create a meal plan based on how many calories you need to reach your goal.

You can even arrange for a private consultation to help you design a fitness and meal plan that suits your needs. Each meal is healthy and wholesome, with a breakdown and description of macronutrients, calories, and micronutrients.

  1. Paleo Meal Deliveries

This service offers macro-split Paleo meal plans.

The weekly Paleo menu is the basis of your meals plan. It doesn’t compromise on flavor. You can start your day with a truffle-infused scrambled eggs, chestnut mushrooms, and smoked bacon, or you can enjoy Malaysian laksa and turkey for lunch, and then look forward to slow-cooked beef with braised fennel and broccoli for dinner. You can even get a McGregor Get Ripped Meal Plan. You can also choose from a variety of meal packages, side dishes, juices and snacks, which are great for creating your own portion-controlled meal plan.

All meals are Paleo-compliant. The set menu, which changes every week, is macro-split and the caloric intake adjusted to suit the plan. You can customize meals for fussy eaters or low FODMAP diets. Green Beard Juices and Variety Snack Packs are also available. These include Fulfil protein bars and Irish Biltong, as well as Paleo Muffins and Paleo Muffins.

It is delivered nationwide in Ireland and the UK in a cooler box with a 24-hour shelf-life once it has been delivered. For Dublin, delivery days are Tuesday and Thursday and Friday for all other addresses.

  1. Paleo Ireland

Paleo Meal Deliveries is similar to Paleo Ireland. Paleo Ireland offers meal delivery services that take inspiration from Paleolithic cuisine.

All meals are 100% Paleo, and all meals are delivered fresh. Think Primal Protein Pancakes and Mojito Chicken Salad. Primal Beef Stew and Primal Beef – red wine was as popular back in the Stone Age, as it is today. You can choose from a set menu or build your own 5 breakfasts, lunches, and/or dinners by choosing ‘a la carte. You can find artisan butchers such as Mortons of Ranelagh in increasing numbers of cafes, gyms, and cafes.

All meals must be strictly Paleo. They are high in fat, moderately rich in animal protein, and low or moderately high in carbohydrates. The source of the ingredients is not disclosed. A scrolling banner occasionally states that “100% Irish food”

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